About Us


We are Erica & Nikki, two sisters from CT who love to share our favorite deals. With 7 kids between us we know how busy and hectic life can get. That’s why we love sharing sales and tips to help others out. We are always on the hunt for affordable fashion and home décor and love taking personal bargain hunting requests over on our Instagram page. You might see an occasional DIY from us and you’ll be sure to see lots of family milestones and everyday life.


I’m the older sister by 3.5 years and definitely have the classic firstborn child personality. I met my husband, Brendan, in high school and we now have 4 kids. We have two boys, Logan and Brody, followed by two girls, Kinsley and Rollins.

My career before babies was as an elementary school teacher and I then became a stay-at-home mom when my oldest was born. I’ve always been very organized and that trait prompted Nikki to make this enterprise a sister collaboration.

Besides spending time with my family I love to read, take trips to Disney World, watch football with my husband, and shop for deals of course!


I’m the younger sister who is definitely more laid back and calm. My husband, Jeff, and I have been married for 8 years. We have 3 children- Everly, Presley, and our newest addition- Nash.

I’ve been working part-time in an office setting since having kids and was always shopping for a good deal in my spare time. SaverSisters was initially my idea and I thought it would be fun to team up with Erica so I taught her all the tricks behind bargain hunting and here we are!

In my free time I love spending time with my family, listening to True Crime podcasts, experimenting with the latest hair and makeup trends, and of course, shopping!