I was at a birthday party for one of my son’s friends (picture the typical bounce house party location we all frequent on the bday party circuit) and we were talking about how adorable one of the little girls looked in her outfit. One of the women asked where she got it and the mom sheepishly answered ‘Well, you won’t believe this but I actually found it at Walmart’.

Tell me you have not found yourself in this situation at some point. This happens ALL.THE.TIME. where
it is uncovered that some complimented item is discovered to have been purchased from Walmart. But why? Why are we so surprised that something cute came from there? And why are so many people somewhat embarrassed to admit that they shop there?

I get that Target has become the ‘it’ place to shop. I mean many locations have a Starbucks inside and their stores are generally clean and appealing. We love a good Target run ourselves and their dollar spot is top notch. When we poll our followers on Instagram the majority consistently says they prefer Target to Walmart. However, when we post content from Walmart to our feed we get more likes, comments & shares by far.

Walmart releases new merchandise very frequently so it is exciting that we can go there super often and there will be a very good chance they will have something new. Massive bloggers are styling entire wardrobes and homes from Walmart because their stuff is insanely affordable and so cute! So why is there still a weird stigma associated with it? Shouldn’t we be proud to say that we grabbed an outfit for under $20 and yes it IS absolutely adorable thanks very much for the compliment.

Our theory on this ‘OMG you got that at Walmart?!?‘ response is that many of us are carrying our childhood impressions of Walmart into adulthood. I’ll admit that the Walmart we used to visit as kids could not hold a candle to other retailers in terms of keeping up with fashion trends. They just straight up did not have trendy dupes. But if you’ve been into a Walmart recently you will notice that they are killing it in terms of trending styles, affordable and cute fashion and home decor for all ages and sizes, and they even have a program to rival Amazon Prime if you prefer online shopping.

So let’s all let go of our instinct to be embarrassed that we shop at Walmart. YES I grabbed my kid an adorable dress that was under $5!!! YES this gorgeous rug that looks like it came from Pottery Barn was less than half that price at Walmart! NO my tumbler did not come from Starbucks, it was only 5 bucks at Walmart!

Hop onto the Walmart bandwagon with us. You’ll be happy you did.

-Erica & Nikki

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